Born Brave

The company name was born after one funny picture.

While it’s funny obviously, the bravest person in my opinion is not in this picture.

There’s a good chance this person is not working with company having onsite PM, test team, product managers and stuff.

The company they work with probably mostly have developers and … well, bugs 🙂 Every software has bugs.

I think the bravest person is someone who is not a developer, neither has tons of money. It’s someone working somewhere for someone else. He or she has saved some money. And this person has an idea.

And to me the bravest thing is taking this money, going to some small software company and trying to turn this idea into the product.

Why? Because earning money is hard. And giving lots of it to someone you don’t know is even harder. And you don’t have any guaranties. It’s a gamble.

That’s why I respect people who come to us with ideas they want us to build. And the courage they have to try something new and uncertain.

And our mission is to help this people the best we can to implement this idea and grow it into something big.

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