Born Brave

Programmers are brave. Not each one of us of course. And not all the time. But we are in general. It’s true.

Our bravery is based on our experience. Years of planning, coding, debugging, trying out stuff, regretting bad decisions, rebuilding and learning from it.

And there are probably many years ahead of us where we’ll be doing all these same things because that’s curious thing about software development – long path to perfection that actually never ends.

Despite all this philosophy we’re pretty good and capable of building a quality software product to help you with your idea.

For web and mobile we are using:

  • React, Redux, Material Design Frameworks or Bootstrap
  • Progressive Web Apps to help your web platform strive on mobile
  • Firebase to help you benefit from realtime DB updates, social authentication, desktop and push notifications, analytics and grow tools
  • Node.js backend
  • MySQL and MongoDB databases
  • ReactNative if you prefer having native app for your project

Are you building enterprise software? Looking for any of these?

  • Telecom experience
  • Communication protocols
  • High performance
  • Multi-processor or multi-core environment

Good. We can help you with that too.


Born Brave

The company name was born after one funny picture. While it’s funny obviously, the bravest person in my opinion is not in this picture. There’s a good chance this person is not working with company having onsite PM, test team, product managers and stuff. The company they work with probably mostly have developers and … …